Nemurenai Machi Kara

Sanako lives with her Dad in an old building near the red area. He is an architect and gets that building from his parents. Since the place is in business spot, the land shark is eager to have it. They even forced the owners to sell their homes.
Miyake is the employee of the land shark. He’s actually just a lonely man. Sanako is the first to understand it. When he is supposed to talk to home owner, he accidentally fell off the stair. He got his leg injured, so he can’t go anywhere. Sanako and her father let him stay at their place. Miyake soon lured with the warmness the give him. Not only Sanako’s family, but every body in that building are really care about him. He decides to help them against his company.
He finally stop working at the land shark and work in that neighborhood.

Having an optimistic protagonist is a character from Waki Yamato sensei’s. This energizing story is just another plot you can feel inside and give you more reason to stand up.
I download this from ivyscans.

This is 5 stars rated.


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