Nanaki The Psychic Power

Nanaki was hit by a car. After he wakes up, he can blow up things. He is now able to teleport into a building.
Nanaki has a psychic power. But, people with that power are not supposed to be let alone. There’s a secret organization who organized those gifted people. They are lead to secure daily lives. Those who don’t join the organization are most likely the destructive ones who have to be stopped. That’s another duty for this organization.

As Nanaki joins it, he is paired with Aoi, a cool man who can’t open his heart to anyone.
The story lasts in 3 volumes. I think this is just Ryou Saenagi sensei’s style to have all boys’ character. But, this is not yaoi (Even though, I hope this is…he he he)

My Rating:


2 thoughts on “Nanaki The Psychic Power

  1. *Two volumes owned, currently searching for 3rd* Imma be mad like hell if its yaoi. Might commit seppuku

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