Ge ge ge No Kitaro

Kitaro is a spirit-monster, yokai. He lives in Ge ge ge Woods with his father. That old man was dead before Kitaro was born. But, when his mother passed away, Kitaro’s Dad becomes sad seeing his only son lonely. So, he came back to earth as an eye ball.

Even though he’s another world’s creature, Kitaro is so kind to human. He never refuses to help them. That attitude makes him unpopular among his people.

Actually, I watched the movie version where Eiji Wentz play the spooky Kitaro. it was very cute. I mean…Eiji is cute. ha ha ha. So, I decided to peep on the manga. it’s not really my style, anyway. but, I think it’s good for children.

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4 thoughts on “Ge ge ge No Kitaro

  1. thanks for the story i saw the movie in arabic …and i love it alot….i was looking for some info to that actor hahaha but it was all in jap …but any way really thanks….

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