Gamon the Demolitionman


Gamon has a power to destroy things, genjutsu. It’s an ability he gets from his father. They have a destruction company. But, his father has been dissappear for couple months. Gamon smells something stinks behind this.
Masuba group is actually behind all. They are a big company that produces weapon. Gamon and his father’s power is a barrier to their invention. To make sure that weapon is good; they try it by fighting those genjutsu users.
As I read this, I think Gamon the demolition man is a light manga for shonen genre. The struggle Gamon has to face as a director of Destruction Company, his role as the family head while his father missing, and his duty to search his father, are accumulated in his head. He’s just a simple teenager. He might not good enough for all of this. But, these will make him stronger to the point that he’s dependable for everyone.
So, I really like this manga. The art is an average, but the meaning inside is good. At least for me. n_n

My Rating:


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