Michimasa Takeda is not a delinquent juvenile. But, his look make people want to set a fight with him. And he always win. That creates notorious rumor about him. The truth is he just hate to lose.

When he met a judo counselor, he is introduced to Judo. His world has been broaden since he knows there are many strong people around.

I like Michi for his cute character. He’s not like someone who love to boast about his power. He just do what he can do. That makes him cute.
The art is also sweet. And the mangaka put some humors in it.

this definitely rating


One thought on “Douging

  1. blog you kereeeeeeeennnnnnnnnn!!!
    apalagi ratingnya itu pakai gambar selain gambar bintang.
    thanks. I jadi dapat info baru.
    soalnya skrg i ga rental lagi n_n

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