Battle Royal

Nakahara Shuuya and all his classmates are trapped in a game named Battle Royal. It’s a game created by government in order to decrease population’s number. It is also a reflection of adult’s hyprocracy and worry about young people. Juvenile is known hostile and even show greater aggressively against them. They’re losing their charisma. And soon will lose their pride. So, they decide to erase their children.
Every year, they choose a class among all middle school in Japan. They will be placed in an isolated area. Each of them is given weapon. The rule is simple: kill everyone until the only one last. If they refuse to shoot their friends so in 3 days they have no winner, they will be blown up. All of them.

Shuuya and Noriko hate it and try to collect as many friends as possible to hack the system. But, the situation gets out of control. Not to mention, Kiriyama Kazuo, the psychopath student who can kill without expression.
How can they escape from that situation?

Everyone faces their own fear. And the biggest enemy is themselves. They are starting to lose their trust to their friend. This is a good story about how far you can stand for own value.

Though I don’t really like the art, this bloody manga is quite impressive. I give this credit
I watched the movie before I know that they actually published the manga. he he..

well, the movie is quite amazing because I found many IKEMEN!!!! Takashi Tsukamoto, Tatsuya Fujiwara, Masanobu Ando, Yamada Taro and Sosouke Takaoka. wow!!


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