Akuma to Dolce

Suzuki Julieta sensei makes a sweet manga about cakes and demon. How can they be in the same page? Ha ha

Do you know that demon really like sweet things? Yes, they do.
If you bake a cake and call them, they’ll come.

But not everybody has the skill to do that. Ogura Mayuri gets it from her mother. One day, she summons the Devil Lord, Beaut. Beaut is so mad because he never expected such a weak little girl is able to call him. Moreover, she just want him to get rid a stain on her skirt. He feels disgraced. But, he can’t refuse her sweet delicious cake. That’s how their love story began.
Lovely isn’t it? My friend gives me that piece. But, if you want it for yourself, try aerandria

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2 thoughts on “Akuma to Dolce

  1. Hello, im peruvian and had the chance to read “akuma to dolce” thxs to onemanga.com, i love this manga and as u say how can sweets and demons be in same page? well simple, the chars are all lovely, pure (even the demons) and kind. I only could read till chapter 8 that is all u can find in onemanga.com, wonder if u have or know where i can get more? id apreciate it very much if u have some info ^^

    besides akuma to dolce i found “karakuri odette” that is another suzuki julieta project, u can find it in onemanga.com too but only till chapter 15, the main char is an android that tries to learn and be more like real humans while she attend to high school, like akuma to dolce the chars and chapters are very cute and kind, u’d try to read this one^^

  2. thank you, peruvian-san. I’ll take your recommendation seriously. Actually, it’s my friend who really love shojo and she supplies me a lot of this stuffs. lol.
    So, you’ve read the 8th Chapter of Akuma to Dolce? Hmm…I think it’s the latest part, but keep visiting aerandria or one manga, because as far as I know there are only 2 groups scanlated this manga: aerandria and sereanus dreamers (and they post it to one manga).

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