Yakitate Japan

Azuma Kazuma was born from farmer family. His grandfather loves rice. But, one day, his sister, Inaho said, ” How come we never have bread for breakfast?”. Her grandfather looks at her like she’s crazy, “We’re a farmer, so we eat rice”

But, Inaho didn’t take it that easy. She took Kazuma to a bread store. He started to get exiting seeing all the bread with various shape. They made a plan to convince their grandfather. If he really like rice and japanese food, then they have to came out with some kind of bread that get along with japanese food, like natto. They called it Japan. It derives from Japanese Pan. Pan means bread.

They made it, and ever since that moment, it’s been 10 years they’d bread for breakfast. Kazuma is 16 now and getting ready to go to Tokyo. He has been invited to participate in artisans recruitment from the famous bakery in Japan.

His skills are limited in 62 Japan he created, so will he be able to compete with many great artist?

Enjoy this 26 volumes of funny and delicious manga in manga heaven

PS: They already make the anime version with 65 episodes.

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5 thoughts on “Yakitate Japan

  1. wah…gmn ya mel…
    berhubung gw bacanya di Shounen Magz, jadi gak download. he he. coba aja lo download dari link yang gw kasih diatas.
    good luck.
    versi animenya lebih keren, lho

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