Pushuke Psyche

Who would think that a popular girl, Akari Asou is a fujoshi (a girl who like homo’s love)? She even wrote dj about it.

She makes her manga based on people he likes. She puts a senpai she had a crush on, Abe senpai, as the model for the main character.

One day, she attends the manga festival with her best friend, Sadakazu Tanigaki. It’s time to sell her art works. Unfortunately, Abe senpai also come into that show. She tries to pretend as a ‘normal’ girl. She tells him that the yaoi stuff she sales were made by Sadakazu. Abe senpai disgrace that stuffs and it makes Sadakazu mad, because they have been working so hard to make that manga. He even punches that senpai. Asou is so impressed, but not because she thinks Sadakazu cares about her. She thinks that pose could be great on her doujins.

Ha ha ha This is a funny manga. Read it from snoopycool


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