Ouran Kokou Host Club

” Welcome,young girls to Ouran School Host Club. You can choose your favorite man here,”

That’s the welcome tag you’ll hear when you open the door of Music Room no.3.

Don’t blink, because you’ll miss their attraction.

Meet Tamaki Suou, the King. He’s just like a prince. When he smiles, it’s like the flower blooms with him. But, when he starts talking…ha ha ha…he’s just a childish guy.

If you don’t like King type, try Cool type. Morinozuka senpai is the one. Does Black hair and freezing eyes suit your taste? He’s in Kendo club, too, you know.

Or may be you like the evil type like Kyouya. He’s in charge in all financial activities in the club. He’s straight and sometimes sadist.

You can always have Loli-shota type in Honey senpai’s. He is sweet and likes cake.

There’s also devil type. They are Hikaru and Kaoru’s role. They are twins and like to play homo’s role.

If that’s not enough, you can always have natural type. Haruhi is the one. She’s just an ordinary scholarship holder. She’s a minority in that high level school. She’s in debt with that club for breaking a vas. So, she has to repay that.

How do you like it? I’m sure you’ll enjoy this host club. ^.^

I find it in FRoP

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