Nodame Chantabille

Noda Megumi (Nodame) only wants to be a kindergarten teacher. Even though she has great talent, she never wants to join a piano competition. She’s not even pumped to work her skill more and more.

On the contrary, Chiaki Shinichi is the best pianist in Momogaoka School. He’s good looking, perfectionist, and elite. But, he wants to be a conductor.

They live next door. While Chiaki is a very clean and neat person, Nodame doesn’t like to clean up. Her garbage’s are all over and it makes Chiaki mad. He even forces her to let him cleaning her place. The relationship grows as Chiaki finds her talent and helps her to aim higher dream.

Nodame is not a high prestigious woman, but she give peaceful heart to Chiaki. She always makes him feel easy.

I quote the nice dialogue between Chiaki and his friend when the friend asks why he has Nodame as his girl.

“I don’t choose for my talent, I don’t choose being this way, but she’s the only one I choose.”

That’s so romantic.

NCIS does the scanlation.

Honestly, I don’t really like the art. It’s not what I expect, but the story is quite amazing. It’s long, so it gets me bore (I don’t read all the volumes). The popularity increases as they make it into dorama. You have to watch the dorama. Chiaki is played by Tamaki Hiroshi (more about him, please read Live Action) and Nodame by Ueno Juri. It’s a very funny drama. If you want to know about the dorama, you can go to movielosophy


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