What makes naruto different from other Ninja’s story? It has intrigues, power, humor and a lot of friendship.

Naruto is not like any other boy. The elder has put a fox monster inside him to protect the village. That makes people scare of him. He has no friend, but Iruka sensei that always treat him ramen. He becomes Naruto’s first friend. But, when he graduated, young ninjas are commanded to make a mission group. Naruto is assigned to be in the same group with Sasuke Uchiha, the top performer in class, and Sakura Hakuno, the girl he likes. Assimilation was not easy, but later Naruto feels accepted as their friends.

His biggest dream is to be Hokage, the Ninja’s leader of Konohagakure. I think that’s because he wants to be accepted. He has circle of friends, but he also has people who are afraid of him.

His personal experience makes him a gentle boy. He understands trust the most. He understands how much a feeling means. He understands how it feels to be ignored. That makes him qualified person.

It’s still a long way before he can be the greatest ninja, but Naruto keeps fighting!

I think the best scanlation team for this manga is JapFlap


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