MPD Psycho

MPD stands for Multiple Personality detective. You’re right, this is another crazy story involving human weapon, psychopath, murder accused detective and police who believe he’s innocent. Don’t read it if you’re too afraid of blood or reality, because I think there are criminals who use brain as planting media, or who eat human’s meat. It’s sick, but it’s reality!

Our hero (???) is not a holy man. When he was little, he lived in a clinic where he killed 8 people there. He created a defense mechanism by taking their personality. That’s the beginning of his multiple personality disorder. He lives almost 15 years thinking he’s innocent. He takes the personality of the average boy, Kobayashi Yusuke. He, then, become an investigator (aka master profiler. I love that term =.=). But, when his girlfriend is mutilated by a psycho killer, the real him (the one who killed 8 people) come out and makes revenge. That’s the awakening of his true self, Amamiya. He spends few years in prison.

When he get out of jail, he works at criminal research belonged to ex-police. They have bigger case now. The psycho killer actually had a barcode in his left eye, just like the one they found in criminal reporter, a cannibal killer, and himself. What’s the secret behind the barcode? Could that be the mark that makes them a killer?

It’s a mystery to me too, cos I haven’t got to the end (n_n). It’s already reach volume 12, but still on going.

You can find it in mdxd


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