Metantei Conan

This is the best detective comic ever since. I’ve been following the series since my school day. I read the manga, watch the anime, collect the OVA and won’t miss the movies. 

wow.. I’m addicted!


Anyway, in case you haven’t heard it, the manga revolves around cool popular High School’s detective, Shinichi Kudo. His father is a novelist and his mother used to be a famous actress. They spend most of their time abroad, leaving their only child alone in Japan.

*poor guy. lol*

As a famous person, Shinichi gets a lot of girls’ attention, but he’s always in love with his childhood friend, Ran Mouri. Ran’s father, Kogoro, runs a detective agency, while her separated mother, Eri Kisaki, is famous lawyer.

One day, Ran draged Shinichi to go to tropical land. Even at date-kind-of event, Shinichi kept his sharp attention. He accidentally peepd in to a Black Men’s transaction.

*hmm…what did Grandma said about peeping?*

Well, Shinichi got what he deserved. He’s caught and they gave him drug that shrinks his body.

Woke up in the form of 7 years old boy, Shinichi’s mind remains. He has a new mission now: to find the Black Men and get back to his old body. He, then, lives with Ran, hoping that he could get information from Kogoro’s agency.

Ok, His appearance is a first grade student, but his mind still is the brain of the famous High School detective.

*Nah, he gets it easy when many of us wants to reprised our childhood*

Try conan magic for online reading and downloading! You can also find the series & anime in dctp.

Anyway, Heiji is my favorite character here. what about you?


12 thoughts on “Metantei Conan

  1. yeah…i was going to write about them later. he he
    I love many detective story.
    I even watch the dorama and movie based on them.
    But, I think Conan is the best so far….

  2. أنا أحب كونان مرة كتير لو سمحتوا سو موقع لكونان يحتوي علي ألعاب و علي برامج و علي رسوم و سينشي و ران و هيبارة فقط لان كونان إنسان جميل جيدا و احب سينشي

  3. hey, weda, I’m not sure what you’re talking about. lol. but, thank you for visiting this blog

      1. yeah thats right, but i heard aoyama sensei already passed away :(. i think it been 16 years, since the first broadcast in 1996.

        1. What kind of gossip is that? Haha
          I’m still receiving his latest works (File 840), so it can’t be true. He’s not even on hiatus like Suzue Miuchi sensei (Glass no Kamen’s author).

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