Dragon Ball

This is such a legendary manga. The story is about Songoku, a brave boy who went all the way to collect Dragon Balls. They are 7 balls with each of has star shape. Ball number 1 has 1 star shape inside it, and so on. Songoku only wants the ball with 4 stars, because it belongs to his grandfather. But, the struggle for collecting them is so hard. He ends up by collecting all of them.

The story begins when Songoku only kid, and it ends when his grandchild reach the same age as he was. He’s dead, but still able to go to earth, thanks to his good connection with Gods.

Funny, right?

It totally has 42 volumes. This is what makes Akira Toriyama famous!!!


5 thoughts on “Dragon Ball

  1. I just love Dragonball! I have been collecting the Manga since it first started coming out in the UK about 5 years ago now.

    In actual fact in the UK, they originally released the manga novels uncensored,however, they then released them censored, for some unknown reason.

    Now they are making a Live Action Dragonball Movie, with Justin Chatwin and Piccolo. They have released a picture of it in a famous Japanese film magazine. If you check out my site its up on there for people to take a look.

    The film does have potential, though in actual fact, I doubt the Dragonball movie will be any good 😦

  2. Yeah…I heard about that, too.
    When I was little, there’s some kind of Chinese film maker who actually adopt this manga.
    But, they were not succeeded.
    as you said, It’s kinda hard to portray this excellent manga into live action.

  3. Well the Japanese seem to do a good enough job with such animes as Death Note, but its when the Americans take control that everything does a bit wrong…look at the Ring…I know its not manga, but still…Baaaaad!

    I found some shots of the live action Dragonball movie and posted them on my blog at http://www.animezonecentral.com if you are interested in seeing the progress that they are making.

    There is one shot where they are fighting and it actually looks quite cool, but im not going to get my hopes up.

    Also next year, there will be a live Action Akira movie, Evangelion movie and Ghost in the Shell movie…all made by Hollywood…why do they allow them to rights to such awesome anime, knowing just how poor the films will be,

    But im not going to get put off Dragonball, I have been watching it for years, and will continue to love it for what it is. My favourite character is Vegeta, what about you?

  4. thank you! I’ve seen your blog. it’s cool.
    it’s bad if we judge from the picture, but….it worries me. ha ha ha

    well, if i have to choose, I’d vote for chichi. wheh\n she was young, she’s so cute. πŸ™‚

    I also like Vegeta. i like “bad guy”

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