This is one funny manga. It started with the meeting of Reiji (guitar) and Romio (vocal) in the ramen shop. Romio, who has no money, asked Reiji (who was working in that shop) that if he could finish the ramen in one chop, he wouldn’t have to pay. It looked impossible since the bowl is so big. But, Reiji agreed. Unbelievably, Romio put all the ramen in his mouth all at once. Everyone stares at him. Ha ha

From that moment, Reiji started to like him.

Reiji decided to go to Tokyo to try his luck. He wanted to be a rock star. He left home, and on his way he met Romio. They soon become travel mate.

They meet Ryo in Tokyo. He’s a cross dresser and also a great drummer. Ryo works in a SM club where he can practice in its basement. Mary san, the owner, is really caring about him.

Now, they need a bassist.

They spot on butterfly acid’s bassist, Ran. But, he has difficult way to finish his thing with that band. Romio, Reiji and Ryo are involved in dangerous fighting. It ends up with an acid poured at Ran’s hand. Thank’s to Mary-san’s help, the doctor can save that hand.

The path to be a rock God is not easy. It involves hard work, politics, drugs and blood, but BREMEN is a tough one.

The manga ends in 9 volumes. I kinda hate the ending. I think it’s too much, but still this is a very humorous manga. My favorite character? Ran, for being so mature. He he he.


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