Wild Arms: the 4th Detonator

Jude is the only child in that village. He’s so bore. One day, the sky has been ripped. And a space ship comes through. Those men want something from the village.

Jude tells anyone, but none seems to trust him. He decided to break into the ship himself. He found a little girl kept in a small room and a man who has been hit by those men in other room. He released them all.

Those men are searching for “the arm”. None imagine that Jude has natural DNA that enables him to use the arm. He uses it to protect all the villagers. But, the village is going down. Jude and the two people he saved have to go.

The village actually is a shelter made to isolate the arm creator in the sky. They do that to protect the arm. But, now, Jude has gone out to the world.

How would he survive with such a naïve thought?

For an adventure manga, this is very short story. I sense that Chihiro sensei make it in hurry. The development of each character is so premature, so it makes us uneasy to enjoy it.


What do you think?

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