The Duck of Mr. Fredward

Kevin Fredward used to wrote suspense novel by the pen name elyod nanoc . But, one day, a kid follows his story and kills his friend. It wasn’t his fault, but it distressed him. He moves to a village, in a big house. He calls a housekeeper to help him cleaning the house. The maid he knows from the pamphlet in train station. It was a nice handwritten and felt very warm.

But, the housekeeper surprises him. She’s a duck, named Rosemary. Thought an animal, she could speak and work efficiently. Rosemary soon teaches him to open to his surrounding.

The story taught good moral. I give it

you can find it in manga avenue


2 thoughts on “The Duck of Mr. Fredward

  1. interesting! thank u for the review. i would surely head for the url. not only the story looks interesting … the drawing of that guy also looks beautiful.. hehe.

  2. i allready read this book a long long a go, but i still remember the story it is in deed a very good story

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