Pansy, a girl who was found by Mark Animal, has forgotten everything. But, it doesn’t matter. Mark, an animal researcher, and his fiancée, Marin, are happy to have her in their ranch. Pansy is adorable and the animals love her.

Mark has a special ape named Tina who sometimes does the cleaning. Pansy and Tina starts to be good friend.

But, they are not the only friend she has. Pansy meets Edo, a wanderer who stops by in their ranch.

Edo is very mysterious. But, Pansy loves him.

Soon, the hidden past of Pansy is revealed. She is actually has royal blood and Edo is not just ordinary man, as well. Money always makes people jealous and that enable them to do bad stuffs. Pansy and Edo are the victims. But, Pansy won’t be defeated just like that. She will fight for everyone’s happiness.

This one of the first mangas I read when I was little. I don’t see many works by Mariko Okumura sensei (except Nana), but this one is brilliant. The 9 volumes were big hit.


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