Mori No Animal Company

This is a yaoi stuf from CJ. Michalsky sensei. Mori no Animal Company is one great story. Sensei describes man’s metaphor in a suitable story. The main idea is all men are BEAST. And the prey is always someone cuter and weaker.

(Yes, yes…I know this is about the “love” between males. I’m not forgetting it.)

The main character here is Bunny-kun. As it sounds, he’s rabbit. His cuteness has attracted so many beasts, until one day he was “eaten” by a Tiger. The tiger left him in the wood where he could comeback tomorrow to eat him again. Fortunately, Lion-sacho (sacho means director) was on the way. He saved him and treated him at his company. He runs Animal Company, where carnivores and herbivores work together.

Yet, there are more carnivores than Bunny-kun ever imagine. It scares him. He has to survives. He comes with the idea of getting back up from Lion-sacho, since he’s the greatest carnivore there. Then, he tries many things to seduce him.

It’s quite funny story anyway. You might like it, even though you’re not a yaoi fans. Try it on liquid passion


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