Jisatsu Circle

Jisatsu club is for every girl whose been bullied. They have no more reason to live. They think that none could understand them, except those who join the club. On top of that, Mitsuko san is their leader. Her charisma has leaded many young girls to decision: committing suicide.

Saya joins the club for only few months before they decided to do the mission. 53 girls from different high schools are committing suicide by crashing themselves on a train. She’s the only survivor. Her miraculously come back has attracted more and more desperate women. They adored her as she becomes the next Mitsuko san. And the suicide circles!

I got the main idea of this manga that when you’re desperate and not lucky enough to find help, you’ll become more pathetic. I think most people do suicide because they have not enough education. Having good knowledge enables people to analyze their live and choose the path. Short minded only find shortcut. But, those who have quality brain, they can find choices.

When you’re alone, you get easily down. But, when you’re with dark people, you’ll definitely become darker.

So, what happened when you do suicide? Nothing. People will only remember you as, “How poor she is…” that’s all and then they move on. You want that?

Find this manga in o-manga


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