Ha Ao Ai Ren

I really think the story is pretty lame. Mayu Shinjo sensei is absolutely has no idea of how to make a touchable epic. She does know how to draw beautiful art. Her prince character is always amazing, just like an idol.

Typically, the plot will go like this: stupid girl with cute face and perfect cool guy with high sex desire. This girl would captivate his heart and he would go crazy about her. Even though she can’t do any thing, but to please him (She’s usually untalented, on the contrary the guy is so multitalented). People around them would think why he would spend so much to have that stupid girl. The answer is love. Completely foolish, I think.

In this story, the perfect is Hakuron, a HongKong mafia who was the greatest force in that area. And the girl,Kurumi, is just an ordinary stupid high school student who happened to help him once when he had a fight in Japan. That girl is so stupid; I can’t even remember the name.

I think, Mayu Shinjo sensei should consider of making the story short to keep it on track, since she is easily carried away and lost the inspiration. Usually in the volume 4 and so on, she put the character from her other work. That’s not cool!


3 thoughts on “Ha Ao Ai Ren

  1. I think you are wrong. This is not stupid.Is incredibly stupid.I like to read all type of love stories, but this one I couldn’t.To much stupidity.

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