Golden Book

21213571Edited Version (thank you echan for the correction)

This is the third series of Chizumi to Fujiomi story. This time Fujiomi meets Asako Yashigi, his old friend, on the junior high reunion. Chizumi hears thing about them, so she start to be anxious. Ha…even sloppy girl like her can be so jealous, right?.he he

You can go to goldlilies to download this manga. The other alternative is mangasync where you can find the whole trilogy stories of Chizumi to Fujiomi

My Rating: chick58


3 thoughts on “Golden Book

  1. this is not the story for Golden Book, Golden Book is the third book of Chizumi and Fujiomi series, you got this one incorrect dear

  2. hontou desu ka?
    Gome na echan
    is this ok now?
    wow…it’s been a long time since I read that manga ( excuse. my mistake)

  3. I dah baca ini kira-kira pas smp dulu (waktu masih jadi anggota rent). tapi I lupa ceritanya… n_n

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