Kurosaki Ichigo never had normal life. With a father who’s completely crazy about his late mother and the eye that can see ghost, Ichigo feels unease. But, he got used to it, until he met this Shinigami (= Death God, but I prefer to use the term Shinigami, ok!), Kuchiki Rukia. She recognizes his power which is greater that she had.

At that moment, a hollow (unwanted and bad ghost) distract the area. It even hurts Karin and Yuzu, Ichigo’s sisters. Rukia gives her power to him so he can clear the Hollow. But, it makes her completely weak, while she has a duty to protect Karakura Town from that evil spirit. She asks Ichigo to be substitute for her. Ichigo get a new job!

The issue of Ichigo taking Rukia’s power finally reaches Soul Society, the place where all shinigami belong to. They send Abarai Renji and Kuchiki Byakuya to take her to custody. Ichigo tries hard to help Rukia, but he’s way too weak for them. Byakuya is a taicho (captain) of 6th division, and Renji is his vice captain. There are so powerful.

With the help of Urahara san, a mystic shop owner, Ichigo trains himself so he can go to soul society. He has to save Rukia because he owes her.

The success of this manga relies on characterization. There are so many characters you can choose to be your favorite. It makes fan happy because they can participate in the manga. For me, I love Hitsugaya Toushiro, 10th division taicho. He’s cute, cool (in many kind of way, his sword can create ice) and success. He he. Even though he looks like primary school student (he’s always mad if someone mentions it).

There are also a lot of humors inside, especially for the first 6 volumes. But, then the story gets so serious that makes me almost bored. Ichigo faces so many strong people and he barely win. I hate you Tite Kubo sensei!!!!(For making Ichigo like a sissy).

The anime version is amazing too. I don’t know how long it will last ( it seems like it won’t end). Many great songs appears in this one like Asterisk (Orange Range), Tonigh tonight, tonigh (Beat Crusader), D-Technolife (UVERWorld),After Dark (Asian Kungfu Generation),etc.



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