13.022 people commit suicide in one day all over the world. They say there’s some kind of “suicide virus” that cause them that way.

Taisuke Kanou sees a girl jumps from a building. Seeing her smile makes him jealous. There’s part in human brain that want to break away and die. Freud called it Thanatos, the energy to die. Have you ever want to jump when you’re on the roof of high building? Have you ever want to just stab yourself when you see knife? It’s normal when you can control it. But, those who can’t fell so easy to the death wish.

Among those whose been “commanded” to die, there are people who reject it. They get special power in return. Taisuke is able to make fire. There’s also Yura who can blow people by the bubbles he mad. Others can make kamaitachi, ice, isolation, or illusion. They can themselves “friends”.

The problem is most friends think human are junk and need to be thrown away. They use their power to eliminate them. The minority like Taisuke, Yuuta and Nami are those who denied the “task” given to them. They refuse to kill.

Taisuke, Yuuta and Nami are heading to north to stop Friends. Will they able to make it?

The manga is written by Tadashi Kawashima sensei and being visualized by Adachitoka sensei. You can read it on one manga

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