Gin has incredible power, even though he’s only 10. He lives with his grandpa in slum area near a river. He likes wandering around offering his power. He will ask the person he helps to pay. But, none really care, except a woman from a pub.

One day, he meets this serial killer, the kamaitachi man. That killer can cut his victims just like

Kamaitachi (big and fast wind blows). Gin fights him, but his grandpa is cut. He is the only one he trusts in this world. Gin tries to save him. He takes the old body to hospitals and knocks doctors’ house. But, his dirty appearance makes them ignore him. When finally the pub woman helps bringing him to hospital, it is already too late. Gin is alone now.

The mystery about his power revealed as a rich man come to find him. A famous big company has been doing research for all years to make human. But, the first experience ended with failure. The company calls it, “Player”. However, those failed products were released and live in society. They can impose human life. But, their power is a real thing. The Kamaitachi man is one of them.

To restore human prosperity, the company decided to create another creature to erase all the players. They call it “Zet”. Gin is the Zetman.


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