Wild Baseballers

Sport manga always makes me exiting. Wild Base Ballers (WBB) is another baseball kind of manga. From the maker of GTO (Great Teacher Onizuka), Toru Fujisawa sensei, this manga once again capture a live of delinquent juvenile.

Since the first day at school, Issei, has been a notorious student. Rumors spread that he has great track record in fighting. Bad news for his three classmates, they’ve been recognized as his friends. That makes them haunted by all big guys at school. They come out with solution: make friends with the boss.

Issei comes this far to play baseball. His late best friend taught him the passion. This is their chance to win the school, since the boss was a member of that high school’s baseball team. The team has awful history. When they finally got the ticket to Koshien, they lost with embarrassing score. It made the captain depressed and suicide. He was the boss’ friend. So, you can imagine how hard for the boss to play base ball again. Even hearing that Issei would build a new baseball team is making him angry.

But, with their tricks, the team is revived. The gang members become the athletes. How awful it would be?
Read it yourself. it only 6 volumes.


4 thoughts on “Wild Baseballers

  1. i like manga..
    and search character issei aoki on Wild BaseBallers.

    can you help me?
    i usually search picture issei aoki

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