Slam Dunk

The best manga voted by fans, Slam Dunk always get attention when it appear again and again on tv. I read the manga after I watch the anime. I love this stuff! It’s not only funny but also very much human.

The story starts when Hanamichi Sakuragi celebrates his 50 times getting rejected by girl. He’s big, has a red hair and kinda stupid.

But, after he meets Akagi Haruko, his spirit flares again. Haruko thinks he’s a basketball player while he really hates that sport (the last girl who rejected him said she was in love with a boy from basket ball team). Hanamichi tries to impress her. He even joins the team where Haruko’s big brother becomes the captain. There’s also Kaede Rukawa, a cute ace to whom Haruko had fell in love. Hanamichi finds his rivals.

But, together they put spirit into team. They even go to national championship.

find it in Tensai Manga Project


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