Samurai Champloo

This is one SUPER FUNNY manga.

Meet Fuu, an orphan girl who work at the tea shop. She is trying to collect money for a journey to find samurai who smell like sun flower.

Mugen & Jin’s impression on her: ” She’s too damn fussy”

Mugen, a mercenary with rough skill.

Fuu‘s impression: ” At first I though he was just a bastard. His hair looks like a criminal, he dresses like criminal. But, after I know him better, he IS A BASTARD
Jin: “Aho!”

Jin, a skillfully samurai.

Fuu‘s impression on him: ” I can’t talk with him
Mugen‘s impression on him: ” he’s worth fighting me

Summary, they are not friends, they just happen to be on the same trip. Mugen and Jin are forced to accompany Fuu in her way looking for samurai who smell like sun flower.

Along their way, they meet crazy people and it makes the humor into the story.

Read it on or

However the manga and anime version are quite different. While, they are only release 2 volume of the manga, the anime has ended in 26th episode.


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