Chizumi to Fujiomi

Chizumi is a clumsy girl. But, thanks to that she meets Fujiomi. He is a popular senior. When the school holds a sport festival, Chizumi participates in athletics track. The game is you run, and then you take a note and do what the note told you. Chizumi’s note sounds like this: “Run with your boy friend to the finish line”. It scares her. She’s absolutely shy and has no boyfriend. At that moment, Fujiomi jumps into the track and runs with her. That causes a crowd. Everyone can’t believe it.

ell, the story continues when Fujiomi goes into college. Her clumsiness make people want to tease her more and more. And Fujiomi always come to save her.

Kyoko Hikawa sensei makes 3 parts of the story. They are Haru wo Matsukoro (1 volume), Pastel Kibun (1 volume) and Gin Iro Ehon (1 Volume).


6 thoughts on “Chizumi to Fujiomi

  1. gw juga suka banget ama chizumi fujiomi andaikan ceritanya dilanjutin sampe mereka menikah pasti oke tuh

  2. Dari pertama q emang suka sama Kyoko Hikawa..klo dari seri Chizumi-Fujiomi menurutku yg paling bagus ya Angin Musim Gugur, tapi aku lebih suka lagi Sugikake-Mayuko, hehe..dibahas dunk!

  3. Hi..I loves kyoko hikawa’s books too..I collect all her books..except for miriam cos I missed it ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
    Thanx for writing about kyoko hikawa!!

  4. oh My God. You have to see miriam dear. because it’s so great!!!
    Why don’t you try download it?

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