Change Guy

This is the only Korean comic I like. I never really feel other Korean mangaka. Their story sucks. I see their comics are just like ragnarok. They have no other view. Sorry…but that’s how I feel. So, what makes this one different?
The story is about two young men who has different personality. The one is the strongest delinquent juvenile, while the other is the smartest student in Seoul. They meet in accident and are used as experiment’s rabbits. What happen? They switch their bodies. Can you imagine when the bad boy get weak body and the book worm become fighting champ?

Well, story revives around the bookworm’s life as a notorious kid. While he tries to work on his grade, people keeps asking him to fight and fight. It’s pretty funny. I wonder whether this has effect on the bookworm’s personality in the end.

The story ends in volume 31.

The scanlation group who work on this manga is www.freemangadownload.comor korean manga


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