Love Letter

A feeling is a feeling. No matter how far it comes, if it’s right, it can moves heart. That’s the main idea of this manga. And it’s lovely. It makes me cry.

Goro is not an ordinary hero. He’s just a bastard you find in the street. He went to jail for selling porn. He gets big surprise when the police release him: his wife is dead!

He is not remember who she is. But, the gangster he join with has prostitute business. Those girls are illegal worker, unless they marry someone from Japan. Goro is the one they choose to be a fake husband for Phei Lan, a chinese prostitute. But, now she died.

She left a letter for him, a love letter. She said how much she’s grateful to Goro for marrying her. He never felt like doing good thing to her. I mean, she’s dead in the end. But, Phei Lan is very sincere and it touches him.

The love grows, even though they never met….

You can find it online in


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