Little New York

Shino was raised as a boy since her father wanted a successor so much. She’s good at martial art and girls are crazy about her. But, when she’s 16, he decided to make her marry the boy next door. He asks her to change all the masculine style and be a lady. How can she do that? She’s been living manly way for years. There’s no other way, she just have to run away.

On her journey, she meet Daniel Artwing, an American who work as agriculture teacher in Hokkaido. Luckily, Shino gets on the same ship.

They are in love in the end. But, at that moment the marriage between foreign man and Japanese woman is hard to approve. Japanese woman can stay with her foreign husband as a maid. Shino can take it. Their funky live is about to begin. How can Shino be a good wife while she has no idea how to cook, clean up the house, and household things? But, Artwing is very nice to her and says, ” I’m not marrying you so you can do the house cores.” (WHUAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA…..I WANT THAT KIND OF HUSBAND).

This is another Waki Yamato’s perfect work. I’m giving it 5 stars rating.


What do you think?

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