Fire Fighter Daigo

Daigo Asahina was a bad kid, until his biology teacher, Ochiai sensei touched and awakened his dream. When he was a little, he was saved by a fireman from burn house. Even since then, he had dream to be fire fighter himself.

Daigo has instinct in doing his work. Some people call him crazy for wanting to get near-death experience all the time.

But, why does none killed every time he’s doing his action? Is there something in his? Or it’s just luck?

The series lasts in volume 20. In 1997 Megumi no Daigo received the Shogakukan Manga Award for shōnen. And yet I can’t find any group taking this project. Gome ne

My Rating:

Though the drawing has so many scribbling, I can’t stop reading it. Though it’s not clear and neat, I always wanted to read the series. But, I LOST the final volume! Tch! Zannen desu.


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