Waki Yamato sensei is very consistent writing story about woman emancipation. This time she talk about two young girl: a young lady, Mariko and her maid, Uno. They might differ in status, but they keep their friendship. The young lady has fall in love with her neighbor since they were small. He also feels the same. Since he wants to be a doctor, he goes to America leaving the young lady with a broken heart. She thought of leaving her hometown, Yokohama, but she just can’t get out of the harbor. She, then, sends Uno to ‘take care’ of her beloved one. None knows Uno would fall in love with the doctor. They never came back to Japan.

As for Mariko, there is this guy who loved her since he saved her on the boat. He was a poor boy. But, now, he’s back as successful merchant. He’s back to propose her. Due to recession, the lady’s shop beginning deteriorating, so her father accept the proposal. It isn’t happy marriage at first, because the lady thinks she just been bought. But, soon love grows and blooms in her heart.

Being a rich man’s wife doesn’t make the young lady become lazy. She takes over her father’s old shop and rebuild the business. Without asking support from her husband, she succeeded to revitalize the family business.

It’s a very old story, so I only know that ivyscan had scan and publish it online.


What do you think?

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