Miss Modern

I read this manga about 12-15 years ago. I was a little girl back then. I didn’t really understand about woman’s emancipation. But, then I read more works from Waki Yamato sensei. All her works contains of spirit message for woman.

Since the old times women have certain rules: to serve man. That’s why it wasn’t necessary for them to study hard and achieve higher education. Because they will end up taking care of the house: cooking, cleaning, and sleeping.

It was a custom when mature man married to young girl. 14 to 12 years old girl is considered as the best age for a wedding. But, Hanamura Benio hate it. Born from military family, Benio grow up as strong tomboy girl. When her father told her to marry Ijuiin Shinobu, a young rich lieutenant, Benio take her best friend, Ranmaru, to run away.

On their way, they end up in a bar fighting. Fortunately, they met Ijuin who help them escape. Now that Benio has a favor to return, she agrees to go to Ijuin’s house to be trained as a good wife. It won’t be easy, because she can’t cook and she tends to broke things. Can you imagine how depressed the trainer is? Ha ha ha

While the story continues, it becomes more and more romantic. Ijuin is finally sent to Siberia and Benio promise him to take care of the house along with his grandparents. But, bad news comes after that. They say her fiancée is dead. The Ijuin house also face greater problem, they are so close to bankruptcy because of him die (Ijuin was the family backbone). Benio has to work as a reporter to meet the ends. Even though the grandparents tell her to go back to Hanamura’s family, she refuses. She already thinks that she’s part of the family.


What do you think?

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