Ghost Only

Where does ghost go when they want to eat something? They can come to Ghost Only restaurant. Saeki san is the owner and the manager. He can see ghost since he was small. All the employees are ghost too. They are Yuu-the chef, Enomoto-the butler, Misa–the maid. Ema is the only human employee. She was hired officially to throw garbage in the day light. Ha ha

Many ghosts gather in that restaurant every night. Even though they’re dead, they still opening connection to their past life. That’s why they’re ghost, right? Ema is the most fascinated one to help them. While Saeki always says ” Stay away from trouble” or ” It’s not your business”, while actually he helps them without anyone notice.

I never read anything from Shin Yui sensei before, but I think this one is good.

This is another project by aerandria

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5 thoughts on “Ghost Only

  1. ghost only is just awesome!!

    it´s one of my fav. manga i just love it 🙂
    saeki is soo cute *___* and of course yuu, too 😀 XD

    but it´s sad that there aren´t so much fans or that many people don´t know the manga D:

    well whatever 🙂

    ps: sorry for my bad english i´m from germany 🙂

  2. wow….
    hajime mashite, Levi

    Yeah, I think GO is very interesting.

    Do they publish this manga in Germany, too?

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