Kotobuki Ran grows up in police family. Her father is a commissioner, her mother is street policewoman, so does her brother. Her younger sister is very excited to become police woman too. Her father trained her since she was 4 years old. He even bought her a test book for police entrance examination.

But, Ran hates it. DO YOU KNOW WHY?

She likes to fight. She loves kicking bad guys asses.



It’s because being a police woman means she has to be discipline, wears uniforms and no high heels. THAT WOULD BE KILLING HER. How can she is not wearing the cute dress, with those funky nails and zoko shoes? How can she even go out without fancy make ups? That’s out of question.

So, this is a story how Ran, a gal, live her live the fullest.

2 thoughts on “Gals

  1. If you’re dissapointed with the Tokyo Angels, it’s not how much I’m dissapointed in your blog.

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