Seito Shokun

Our school got a new student. She’s cute but not sweet. She’s sexy but not bitch. She’s noisy but get the 2nd rank in the school. She’s Naoko Kitashiro. She insist to be called ‘nakki’.

There are always a lot of fun when you’re around her.

I think people can screw up when they really can do things. Like Nakki, she can be naughty because she’s been working hard to get good grade. It seems like a privilege only great people can get. So, I think it’s funny when someone who has no accomplishment asking for bigger reward. Please!!

Behind her happy face, she had been living hard. Born from a wealthy family, Naki and Maru, her twin have to be separated since they were little. Maru is not health enough to live like any other kids. So, Nakki was sent to her grandfather’s hometown until she was 14. she was invited back to Tokyo after that. Nakki never said bad things to Maru because she loves her. But, she takes too many things in Nakki’s life: The support from her parents, the chance to live like a child who has parents and her first love. Yup, they both fall in love with the same man. And that man chooses Maru because he thinks she won’t live long.

I cried after reading it. She’s tough, but she’s a human too. She held herself too many times to show her sadness.

The story ends in volume 26 when Nakki accept the marriage proposal from her best friend. That’s way too romantic. And I took a deep breath and think ” Finally she get happiness”.

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2 thoughts on “Seito Shokun

  1. I wonder why the title is named Pop Corn not Attention, student!

    Great stories indeed…As a grown up Nakki finally cry a lot at the end..she became feminine.

  2. Well, the real title is Seito Shokun! like you said,”Attention Student”, but I put the title published in indonesia since many older reader remember this manga as “POP CORN”

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