Midori no Hibi

Seiji Sawamura is a notorious delinquent student. His looks always make people scare, including the girls. Seiji only want to have a normal life (read: having girlfriend). But, since everyone’s so afraid of him, he could not get anyone. On the top of his frustration he yelled, ” ANYONE CAN BE MY GIRLFRIEND”.

Then, a word come out from his hand, ” Really?” Instead of having his right punch, he has a girl on his hand.

Her name is Midori, she’s been in love with Seiji for years, but too shy to confess. Accident happened and she left her body to replace his hand. Seiji is happy and afraid at the same time. Now that he has someone who like him, he has to lose his hand. People will laugh at him.

Midori-on the contrary is very exited. She’s acting like a newly wed. How’s they live their crazy days? Read them on 8 volumes of Midori no Hibi by Inoue Kazurou sensei.

Snoopycool also release the online scanlation.


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