Kanata Kara

The story revolves around a high school girl named Noriko. She’s merely an ordinary girl, until one day she got a blast of a plastic bomb on her way to school. Noriko awakes in totally different world. A world where magic is common used and people use big birds as transportation.

Being confused, but she still needs to move on. She’s suddenly surrounded by beast looking guys with weapons. This can’t be right. Noriko doesn’t even understand their world that she has no way to comprehends the situation.

But, there comes a black haired man. He easily sweeps those guy away and takes Noriko to run. What? Who’s this guy?

Their meeting is a fate that leads to destruction to this world. 

Noriko learns that there’s no way she could get back to her world. There may be unfortunate events, but she started to trust people. She starts trusting the savior, Izaku, without knowing that he’s going to kill her.

Izaku knows he was suppose to be “the Dark”.  He’s power would be awakened by “The Light”. Many countries have been waiting for the light to come. They never expected it take a form of  young girl, though.

Izaku’s power is enormous that he’d be used as weapon in wars. This shouldn’t happen. That’s why Izaku needs to stop Noriko before she turns into The Light. However, Izaku fails. He can’t kill Noriko. Instead, they grow stronger feeling toward each other. As result, they need to run away from those who wanted their power.

How do you think their journey ends?

 Yes, this a love story…again with adventure recipes. As you expected from Hikawa sensei.

Why does Izaku has to be so cute? It’s not fair!!! I’d die looking for that kind of man.

Kanata Kara is another manga from Kyoko Hikawa sensei. If you have read Chizumi to Fujiomi stories ( Golden book, Autumn Wind), Miriam and Need for each other, you’ll know what kind of perfect man sensei’s love. But, among them, I love Izaku the most.

It took her 12 years to complete the story. It was quite long for 14 volumes, right? That’s because she has bad health condition. Even though the manga come out almost once in a year, we would wait for it. Because this is Hikawa sensei’s!!!


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9 thoughts on “Kanata Kara

  1. Hi sakura mochi… actually aldy read this manga last year, but then i just read it again and fall in love again with Izaku (yes his so cute so man, i agree with u) but the sad thing is i just have till the 11th episode.. i cant find the comic anymore..
    Yes i’m agree with u bout the character that KH likes, hmmm i think is the same character for man that i dream about 😛
    Well if u can help me to now bout the end of this love story.. i will so thankfull for you.. i mean it..
    Nice to know you sakuramochi

  2. it’s a happy ending for sure….
    in the end Izaku marries to ME!!! lol
    well, i just send you email about that

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