J is an assassin. He faked his death after stealing 1 ton of Heroin from 24, the biggest criminal organization. He knew, it was too early to sell the hot stuffs, so he hid those things in the black boards.

Unfortunately, the black boards are sent to a school to be used. J has to protect his belongings. He comes to the school as a teacher.

That’s where the adventure begun.

J meets many people who would eventually become his allies. They don’t call themselves friends, but they do share the same heart. Cool.

J is another artwork by Fujiwara Yoshihide sensei whom I remembered for Kenji! That’s why there’s so much heroic essence in this project.

But, man…I hate the premature ending!!!!!!!

My Rating:


One thought on “J

  1. hi there. I’ve searched for this manga for a while now. Any site that you know where i can download or read it?

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