God Hand Teru

Mahigashi sensei, Teru’s father, is a legendary surgeon. But, he died in plane crash. He did saved his son from death. That’s the reason Teru grew up and aiming to become great surgeon.

The path is not easy for him. Being such a careless person, Teru appears to be more like clown than a dependable doctor. It gets him trouble and blessing at the same time. Being unable to perform professionally, the doctors despised him. But, his funny appearance is loved by the patients. They like to hang around him. His presence creates warm surrounding. I really think that’s another competency a doctor must accomplish.

The genius sense is in his blood. When it comes to the time to save patient, Teru would completely become different person. He operates amazingly. While he does that, he’s like connecting to the patient’s soul. He feels every beat and so he tries not to make more burden to the sick body.

It might be a long way to be the greatest surgeon, but he surely has the potency!

You can find it online in http://www.tamascans.net


7 thoughts on “God Hand Teru

  1. I kinda like this manga. Actually I’m a GP also. The case here although seems exagerated & rather impossible but kinda entertaining.
    Do you know how many volume this manga is?
    THnx… and keep postin’

  2. thank YOU!…
    well, last time I check…the manga has been release through 37 volumes. and it still on going…
    let’s be patient….

  3. nee, minna, God Hand Teru is made into dorama with Hiraoka Yuta as Teru and Kaname Jun as Shinomiya Kei. I love Kaname Jun! can hardly wait to see the dorama.
    It says that the first episode would be on 11th April, 2009

  4. the manga has 44 volumes and still running in Shonen Magazine. the interesting part here is that all the disease cases are based on reality. rather than DRAMA i would like it being animized. i went to the drama site n saw that characters have been changed. example, the rival of teru is supposed to be a male surgeon. in the drama they actually changed this surgeon to his younger sister. this sister only appeared in a few chapters of the manga.

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