20th Century Boys

The 7th years working manga, 20th Century Boys, is going to the end. It must have taken a lot of hard work from Urasawa Naoki in giving the comic sensational plot. I mean, it is not something you can understand if you just read one volume once. I need to read it twice for each volume. Man, it’s so crazy. I can’t find any other suitable word to describe it. Urasawa sensei sure is a nut! That’s a compliment ‘__`

Surprisingly I can accept the theme so well. It’s about children rivalry. Children are great creatures. They’re honest and energetic. But, they can’t forget easily. All bad and good things remain in their memory. They take them when they start growing. Those things fulfill their mind and shape it. They became an adult by the experience they perceived.

Jealousy is the reason of all ruckuses in the 20th Century Boys. “Friend” always wanted to be better kid. But, he saw Kenji seemed superior than his generosity. Kenji had all the friends he wanted. Kenji was surrounded with luck. Kenji had everything he wished. “Friend” keeps the jealousy inside him and grows it into revenge.

I can not believe he actually demolished human life because of small thing. Well, I guess, we can not judge the size of a matter. Two person can perceive the same thing in different ways. Children have their own pride too. Most of the times, adult abandon that reality and create deteriorating situation for them. We judge them short minded, stupid or coward. We don’t hear what they say, because we assume it would not be important. We ignore their protest since it won’t affect us. They are small creature but we seldom treat them like human, God made creature.

That’s the main idea in the manga. Such a long and dramatized story has brought us another view to human behavior. Too many characters here indeed, but Urasawa sensei has not failed to give each details. Everyone is important part of the show. Even though, it’s hard for me to remember everyone’s face. Like I said, it has too many!

I REALLY think that Urasawa played too hard to get. He didn’t uncover the mystery we’ve been waiting for since the 1rst book. We want to know the real face of “Friend”. But, he still covers him with mask until the volume 22.(WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOUUUUUUUUUUUU????!!)

Along with the uneasy plot, they readers are angry. Urasawa sensei kept Kenji, the central character, way too long. There were about 12 books when we all thought Kenji was REALLY DEAD!! How could you do that, sensei? It made the story sucks.

Despite of all the critics above, this is a great dizzying story. I’ll be waiting for the next episode of psychological drama he writes. It would be the “21rst Century Boy”, I guess.

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