Trust is just like a glass. It’s so beautiful but fragile. You can be friends for your whole life, but it only takes seconds to break it.

This manga is about losing trust between friends. There’s a popular game on net named Rabbit Doubt. Yuu and 5 others people created one group of Rabbit game. There’s Eiji, a naughty guy; Haruka, a sexy high school student; Hajime, the cool medical student; Mitsuki, yuu’s friend whose father is a policeman and Rei who was a famous child hypnotist master.

The horror begins when they trapped in a big building without knowing where it is. It was strange, they were in a karaoke pub before, but they woke up in locked rooms. Rei was the first victim. That cause anxiety among them. Their happiness faded away. They start being suspicious.


Tonogai Yoshiki sensei does have great art. And the story is so amazing. I don’t think they have published it in Indonesia, though. But, you can find it in snoopy cool scanlation.

My Rating:


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