I’m always be a shounen manga fans. The spirit it showed be fill me up. I know many people doesn’t like complicated reading, it makes them dizzy. but, that’s what our brains are for, right?

The latest manga I read is Beck. They’ve been published through 12 volumes in Indonesia. Basically, the story is about going through rock path. I personally think this manga is kinda like Bremen. I just hope the end is not going to be so screw up like that one ( I mean…they finally realize that the main protagonist is an android??? made from every rock star’s essence. Gimme a break!!!)

tanaka yukio

The best thing I get from Beck is that the main character is just a normal guy, Tanaka Yukio. He spent his 14 years thinking that he would never be someone great. The fate changed when he met Ryusuke Minami, a genius guitarist who lend him that instrument. Later, he was invited to Ryusuke’s band. He finally explore his talent in playing guitar and singing. He thinks he found his place in the world. And that’s gives him passion to move on.

I’m not really impress with the artwork. it’s a guy who made this, so no wonder it’s rough. But, he can illustrate all Rock Gods in detail so I can recognize them (I’m not even a Rock Fan!!!). Salute to Harold Sakuishi Sensei!

The story finish in volume 34. As far as I know, Mongolian Chop Squad is the best scanlation team for this manga. you can find them in beck-mcs

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