Nietzsche Sensei – Konibini ni Satori Sedai no Shinjin Ga Maiorita

| Release: 2013 | Status: ongoing (4 volumes so far) | Mangaka : Matsu Koma (author) & Hashimoto (artist) Niitomo Haru is the new part-timer in convenient store (konbini) where rounin Matsukoma has been working for a year. He’s young, but there’s something different about him. His way of thinking resembles the phillosopher’s Friederich Nietzsche, thus [...]

Shinrei Tantei Yakumo

| Mangaka : Kaminaga Manabu / Oda Suzuka | Release: 2009 | Status: ongoing | Related : Shinrei Tantei Yakumo - Akai Hitomi wa Shitte iru Saito Yakumo lives in club room of his university. Despite of being foulmouth and lazy, he has extraordinary skill. He can see and communicate with the dead. That skill [...]

Handa kun

| Release: 2013 | Mangaka: Yoshino Satsuki | Status: ongoing Years ago, Handa-kun’s best friend, Kawaifuji lied to him by saying a girl is spreading bad rumours about him. Since then, Handa is afraid to deal with people. He puts thick wall around him avoiding people coming closer. The fact is far from his illusion. [...]

Usotsuki Paradox

| Published: 2009 | Mangaka: Sato Nanki | Kizuki Akira | Status: complete (10 volumes) Seiyuu has a long distance relationship, but keeping a close touch with her colleagues, Youkado. She invites him to take a walk, shopping and watching movies. Youkado can't help but falling for her. Lonely Seiyuu agrees to date him with [...]